Tom Cruise Reportedly Hit A Tree Doing A Stunt For Mission Impossible 6

Tom Cruise riding a motorcycle

Tom Cruise has made it his mission to perform increasingly outrageous stunts as part of the Mission Impossible franchise, the most outrageous of which saw the actor hanging off the side of an airplane as it was taking off in Rogue Nation. But it looks as though Tom Cruise's driving skills might not be quite so up to par. That's because a video has emerged that reportedly shows the actor behind the wheel of a small automobile, which loses control and crashes hard into a tree. Tom Cruise wasn't just having a particularly chaotic commute to work, though, as he was actually at work at the time, shooting an action sequence for Mission Impossible 6.

But what does the video actually depict? Well, shortly after action is demanded, you can see a large Land Rover with a camera rig attached to its rear hurtling down the street just ahead of a vintage BMW. The BMW then attempts to do a handbrake turn. But while the driver is able to pull off the maneuver he appears to have done so prematurely, as instead of pulling off a cool looking stunt he smashes into a tree at the side of the road.

The video footage was actually posted by the Daily Star, who had no qualms insisting that the man inside in the car was Tom Cruise. Unfortunately we can't 100% confirm that it's actually Tom Cruise that was driving, because you can never actually see a clear shot of his face. However, most of the evidence suggests that it probably was him driving. First of all, the camera on the back of the Land Rover in front is perfectly placed to get a medium shot of Tom Cruise driving the automobile. Secondly, Tom Cruise has made it his life's work to inject himself into as many action scenes as possible, putting his body on the line in a variety of enthralling ways. So it's not hard to imagine that he'd have put himself forward for what was seemingly such a simple scene.

Thirdly, the audible gasps from those close to the accident suggest that the car had some rather precious cargo inside it. And finally, in the immediate aftermath of the crash the driver that emerges from the recently crashed car certainly has the appearance and the strut of Tom Cruise. If you'd like to come to your own conclusions, you can take a look at the video.

There was actually some other interesting information to be prized from the footage. That's because the passenger that emerged from the other side of the car appeared to be in a straight-jacket, which suggests that Tom Cruise and his Mission Impossible cronies have to either kidnap or rescue someone from an institution during their time in Paris, which then results in a high speed pursuit through the streets of the French city. We'll get to see if that's actually the case when Mission Impossible 6 is finally released on July 27, 2018.

Gregory Wakeman