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For the second time since her license was suspended, Amanda Bynes was pulled over. During round one, she was miraculously not asked for her license and escaped with her vehicle. This time, she wasn’t nearly as lucky. Her black BMW was immediately impounded, and she was given a misdemeanor citation for driving with a suspended license.

The incident in question happened this morning in Burbank, California. Bynes was reportedly driving on Hollywood Way just south of the main entrance at Bob Hope Airport when she was signaled to pull over. Why exactly she was that far north of the city at 8:20 AM is unclear, but the Burbank Police confirmed to People that the Bynesmobile was impounded this morning due to her numerous driving violations.

Given how much money she’s made over the past decade or so, it’s not like she can’t afford a new car. Hopefully, however, this is exactly what Amanda needed to snap herself back to reality. Over the past six months, she’s been involved in roughly a dozen strange incidents behind the wheel. She’s due in court to answer the first round of charges next week, and what happened today absolutely will not help.

Rumors have abounded lately that the actress may be having a mental breakdown, but as she hasn’t spoken publically, it’s hard to know what’s been going through her mind. Whatever the reason for her recent problems, here’s to hoping they’ll be over soon enough and replaced with concerns more befitting an actress.

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