The Actor Who Makes The Worst Movies, According To Reviews

While it's extremely rare to see a single actor take the blame for all of the problems of a production, there are certainly performers who make for great indicators of crap. Whether it's about money or alternative tastes, there are some names who have made careers out of starring in an endless parade of bad movies, and seeing their name on a poster is considered a warning sign. Just off the top of your head you can probably name a few of these individuals, but statistics show that there is one man who can be crowned king in this department: Mr. Rob Schneider.

Using numbers from MetaCritic, Vox has crunched the numbers to determine the actors and actresses who consistently appear in both bad and good films. When it comes to the actors in bad films, it's a list that is filled with names that very clearly belong - but at the top is Rob Schneider, with his average movie receiving a score of only 3o out of a possible 100. According to MetaCritic's numbers, 31 percent of his films have gotten a mixed reaction from critics, while a whopping 69 percent have received negative reactions. To save you from picking up a calculator, that leaves exactly zero percent for the films that have earned positive marks - a.k.a. he's never made one.

rob schneider deuce bigalow

Rob Schneider's average score per movie is a full six points lower than the other names on the Top 5 Actors Who Appear In The Worst Films - but it's still company you'd expect. In fact, Schneider has actually had many occasions to collaborate with both Number Two (Adam Sandler) and Number Four (Kevin James). The other two rankers are Ashton Kutcher (Number Three) and Taylor Lautner (Number Five). You can see the full list of 15 names in infographic form on the Vox page.

To demonstrate just how bad Rob Schneider's numbers are in this department, you could double his average score and still not match any of the performers on the list of Actors Who Appear In The Best Films. But that's what happens when the movie that you are best known for in your career is Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo. To date, his lowest rated feature on MetaCritic is the western comedy The Ridiculous Six (with an 18), and the highest is 2008's You Don't Mess With The Zohan (with a 54).

Could Rob Schneider turn his career around at this point? Nothing is impossible, but it certainly doesn't seem plausible. He seems completely content just regularly appearing in Adam Sandler films that get totally beaten down by critics - including the recently released Sandy Wexler. But if that's what makes him happy, and the negative reviews don't get him down, I guess there's no reason for him to change.

Eric Eisenberg
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