With six installments over nearly 40 years, the Alien franchise has proven to be one of the must durable in movie history. But it's not all been so rosy.

While there have been some tremendous and scintillating highs, thrills, and frights in its films, some of which have been overseen by directors of the ilk of David Fincher, James Cameron, and, of course, Sir Ridley Scott, there have also been rank disappointments. But when push comes to shove, which is the greatest Alien film of them all, and which is the biggest dud? Here's CinemaBlend's choices, and, boy, was it an ordeal.

Warning: There are some SPOILER ahead for each of the Alien films, so those of you that don't want them ruined for you should proceed cautiously. Also, we did not include the two Alien vs. Predator films, as it has been determined that they are NOT canon. Rank them in the comments, if you see fit!

6. Alien 3

Alien 3 isn't just last on this list because of how contrived and repetitive it feels in comparison to its predecessors, but because it also nearly made David Fincher retire as a director after just one film. Thankfully, the script for Se7en rekindled David Fincher's love for the big screen and moviegoers have been eternally grateful ever since. But just one look at the tired and lame Alien 3 makes you understand why he's since disowned it. Alien 3 was always destined to fail, though, as it preposterously decided to kill off Bishop, Newt, and Hicks, started production without a script, and the result is something that even the alien would probably take pity on.

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