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A long time ago, in our very own galaxy, Nintendo and Sega ruled the roost with 8-bit machines of excitement and action. While those machines are now relegated to nostalgia, or very deliberate resurrections, their legacy still bleeds over into the world of cinema. Nowhere is that more present than in 8-bit remakes of scenes and trailers for classic and upcoming films. The latest of which is Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which got a retroactive treatment so good, director Rian Johnson couldn't help but approve. See it for yourself below!

Out of the 8-bit recreations we've seen come and go in the recent years, we're pretty confident when we say that Star Wars: The Last Jedi just might be the best of the bunch. Not only is the general gist of the trailer conveyed impressively through the 8-bit medium, but the artist at JoBlo behind the new take also used their creative best guess to flesh out more details in the scenes being presented. But what seals the deal is the fact that the trailer's musical score is beautifully represented by period appropriate chip tune melodies. If you can nail John Williams with an 8-bit sound system, you're clearly doing it right.

But you don't have to take our word for it, as Rian Johnson caught wind of the video himself, and loved it. Seeing as he's been busy as hell making the actual film component to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it's nice to know that the man helming the actual project not only approves of the video, but he also wants people to see it themselves. Through the tweet below, Johnson shared the video, and paid it the following praise:

It's probably not a coincidence that fellow Lucas family member, Monkey Island, had its name invoked by Rian Johnson, but nevertheless it's a good pedigree for such an endeavor to call its own. With Star Wars: The Last Jedi being such a good looking 8-bit side-scroller, we can't help but wish that the entire film was actually adapted into a full game, just so we could play it to relive our favorite memories of the film. For now though, we'll just have to compare that 8-bit rendition of the trailer to the actual teaser, and sit back in awe of its faithfulness. You can do the same, as we've included the actual trailer to the film for you below.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes to live in full, living color on December 15th. And as for EA Games, we'd like to suggest they seriously consider an 8-bit mini-game focused on the film as a bonus DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront II. It certainly couldn't hurt, could it?