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It's not such a crazy thing to say that the DC movies haven't always lived up to expectations; however, that just leaves more glory for the DC TV shows, which have seen major growth and expansion over the last few years. With the DCEU currently underway, the chances for Arrow or The Flash (Grant Gustin edition, that is) getting their own movies seems pretty slim, but that can't stop us from dreaming. Arrow star Stephen Amell has an idea for what he'd like an Arrow movie to look like--should that day ever come--and it sounds pretty sweet.

If we were going to do a feature-length film, what I would like to do is I would actually use every single important character from the history of the show that people thought were really important, I'd like to put them all in a situation where they'd all have to work together. And I would like to put the entirety of the amount of money that we put into an entire season into like 98-minutes of screen time and see what happens.

Stephen Amell was present at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London this weekend where he spoke at a panel with his Arrow co-star Emily Bett Rickards. During the Q&A, one fan asked them about a feature length project, basically asking what would they want from an Arrow movie. After a moment of thought, Amell replied that he'd like to feature every important character that had been on the show and just use an entire season's worth of budget to make the movie.

In its five seasons on the air so far, Arrow has seen lots of characters come and go, so there's no shortage of potential candidates for a movie. Assuming whether they're alive or dead doesn't matter, there are Oliver Queen's parents, Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Laurel Lance, and Nyssa Al Ghul, to only name a very small number of characters. Of course, there's also the main cast which has expanded from Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity, to include Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, and a new Black Canary just this past season. And how about a cameo from The Flash?

Emily Bett Rickard's weighed in as well with her opinion and Stephen Amell followed, adding just one more very specific character who has to be in the movie.

Emily Bett Rickards: And Batman.

Stephen Amell: Played by Robbie Amell, that would be great.

I would not hesitate to see Batman in an Arrow movie, but I think he's got his own franchise to worry about at the moment. And while Stephen Amell is joking, Robbie Amell already played the first Firestorm over on The Flash before he bailed. He's had his chance, so I'm guessing there will be no Batman for you, sir.

Arrow recently wrapped up Season 5, but Season 6 is on the way! Keep checking back in for more Arrow and DC updates right here on CinemaBlend.

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