The Little Women Remake Has Found Its Freddy

Little Women 1994 film cast

Ian Bohen Teen Wolf

If a novel's success can be measured by how many movies it's been adapted into, then Little Women is an extremely successful novel. The classic book from author Louisa May Alcott has been adapted into a number of films and television series (even a Broadway play) over the years, and now its that time once again. A new film adaptation is on the way and it's been slowly filling out its cast of characters. Now one of the key love interests of Little Women has been found, as Teen Wolf's Ian Bohen has joined the film.

Deadline reports that Ian Bohen has been recruited to play Freddy Bhaer in Little Women. Fans of the novel may better know the character as Friedrich Bhaer, who was a German professor living in New York City. He strikes up a friendship with Josephine "Jo" March and critiques her writing, urging her to become a serious writer and challenging her intellectually. They (spoilers) end up getting married and having a family. In the 1994 movie, he was played by Gabriel Byrne.

Ian Bohen has made a name for himself working on various televisions series, most notably Teen Wolf on MTV. He portrayed Peter Hale, the main antagonist of Season 1 and is a recurring character throughout the rest of the series. Bohen has also appeared on Chicago P.D., Major Crimes, and the upcoming movie Wind River, which also stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen.

The newest version of Little Women will be written and directed by Clare Niederpruem, who will be making her directorial debut. The film also stars Sarah Davenport, Lea Thompson and Lucas Grabeel. No plot details have been released about the indie film, but it will likely mirror the basic plot of the novel, though there are likely to be some differences here and there.

Little Women 1994 film cast

The novel follows the story of the four March sisters as they grow from childhood to womanhood and navigate the joys and struggles of their various personal lives. Little Women has been adapted a number of times over the years. In the many decades since the novel first arrived in 1868, it has been adapted into two silent films, four with sound (in 1933, 1949, 1978 and 1994), two British films and two Japanese anime series for some reason. The most recent version of the story in 1994 starred Susan Sarandon, Trini Alvarado, Winona Ryder, Claire Danes and Kirsten Dunst.

There is no release date yet for Little Women so be sure to stay tuned for further casting announcements. For the more immediate future, check out our upcoming movie schedule to plan out your summer.

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