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One of the best plot twists in recent memory happened earlier this year when the final scene of M. Night Shyamalan's Split revealed it was part of the same world as his superhero movie Unbreakable. Now fans are looking forward to seeing Bruce Willis' David Dunn go up against James McAvoy as The Beast, and now we have our first official bit of information about how the two of them, and Samuel L. Jackson's Mr. Glass, will all fit together in the upcoming movie titled Glass.

The plot synopsis released by Universal (via Cosmic Book News) confirms the return of the three major actors as well as Anya Taylor-Joy, who played the role of Casey in Split and was the only character to survive meeting The Beast. The synopsis then goes on to say that Glass will find David Dunn pursuing The Beast in what it calls "a series of escalating encounters." Meanwhile, Elijah Price (Mr. Glass) will then emerge as an "orchestrator" who holds secrets critical to both men.

The plot synopsis is very general to be sure but that's to be expected at this point, over a year before the film's scheduled release. Still, it does give us a basic idea of how all these characters will fit together. The idea of the escalating encounters between David Dunn and The Beast easily conjures up images of some potential action sequences, likely nothing quite like the comic book movies we're used to seeing, but exciting moments none the less. Exactly how these moments escalate will be interesting to see. How Mr. Glass plays into the story is also an interesting idea. At the end of Unbreakable Elijah Price was sent to an institution for the criminally insane. If he has been orchestrating events, has he been doing so from there? Was he able to convince people he was "cured" and get himself released? Either way, just how much does Mr. Glass know and what sort of secrets could he have? How deep does this rabbit hole go?

The one thing the synopsis doesn't give us is a starting point for Casey Cooke. The character played by Anya Taylor-Joy is not mentioned anywhere in the plot description, so exactly how she will be important to the story is not clear. We can certainly see David Dunn talking to her in order to get information about The Beast as part of his hunt for the man but is that all she'll do, or will she be more important to the story? Since we're guessing her survival was not anticipated by Mr. Glass, she could be the character that ultimately saves the day.

We're sure more details about Glass will begin to emerge as we get closer to release. Fans can look forward to January 18, 2019 when the movie will arrive in theaters.

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