Pixar's Wrap Party For Coco Involved A Theater Filled With Skeletons

Pixar's next animated feature is less than two months away, but the movie just recently wrapped up post-production. In true Pixar fashion, the crew celebrated the end of production in a very fun way. Coco's director Lee Unkrich posted a photo of the entire crew, who attended the viewing of the last set of dailies in costume as skeletons. Check it out.

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Approving the final shot had to be a big moment for Lee Unkrich, as he began the process of making Coco six years ago. Making the moment even bigger had to be seeing the crew for the animated feature filling Pixar's theater inside the Steve Jobs Building on the studio's campus. They apparently also brought an extra skeleton outfit, as the photo includes Lee Unkrich front and center, flanked by Coco's co-director Adrian Molina and producer Darla K. Anderson.

Needless to say, that's a lot of identical skeleton costumes. It is fairly close to Halloween, but at the same time, the local Halloween store sitting in an empty JC Penny probably doesn't stock quite that many.

Coco is a unique film from Pixar for several reasons. First and foremost it deals with Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead, which means it focuses on a culture that we don't see as the center of many films, never mind animated ones. It will also have a strong focus on music which, while that has been the purview of Disney Animation since the beginning, has not been a big deal for Pixar thus far. Finally, it's a brand new property for Pixar, which stands surrounded by sequels. Prior to Coco's release, we saw Finding Dory and Cars 3, and after this film's release, we're getting The Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4.

The day after the tweet with the crew all dressed as skeletons, Unkrich then went on to announce he was making the final creative decision for the entire film. It apparently had something to do with sound mixing, since Unkrich posted an image from the booth. Following that, he announced that Coco is officially done.

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Coco certainly looks to be lovely film and just the sort of thing that families are going to want to check out this holiday season. Coco arrives in theaters on November 22, complete with the featurette Olaf's Frozen Adventure which will bring the characters of Disney's Frozen back to the big screen ahead of their 2019 sequel.

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