The following contains minor spoilers for Finding Dory. You have been warned!

One of the most fun things about going to the movies is going with people and then discussing the film afterward. This can also be one of the most infuriating things. We all have different experiences that we bring into the theater with us. This can be fun when somebody brings up something interesting about the movie that you never realized, especially if they have specific knowledge about aspects of a movie that you do not. Of course, these people also tend to be a little hypersensitive to those things as well.

Such was my experience seeing Finding Dory with my wife. She really liked the film, but, while she likes enjoys movies, she's also a professional biologist. This means that no movie that contains animals of any kind will ever escape her eye. Finding Dory was no exception. Overall she loved the movie, and thought that they handled their aquatic facility very well, and since it's an animated movie realism mostly gets a pass, but in reality, Finding Dory would have a few problems.

Dory's Parents Would Be Dead

Dory and her parents are blue tang fish, which is a type of Indo-Pacific surgeonfish. This means they live in an area of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, around Indonesia, Australia,and the Polynesian Islands. The water off the California coast is far too cold to suit the species. Even if Dory herself could handle her short-term exposure to the colder water (and it's unlikely she could), her parents, who have been living there for years waiting for her, would have perished long ago.

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