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Just in case you have not already heard, a little franchise called Star Wars is going to return to the silver screen before the end of the year. Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi is gearing up for its highly-anticipated December 15 release, and fans all over the world have gone crazy for the most recent trailer that debuted last night. Now it looks like Rian Johnson has even changed his own opinion on the trailer as well, because the filmmaker has officially taken to social media in an effort to try and get more fans to watch the explosive Star Wars preview. The Looper director posted:

If you have kept up with Rian Johnson's comments about The Last Jedi trailer in recent days, then you likely already know that this tweet directly contradicts other comments that he has made about the preview. Specifically, the director recently took to social media to warn fans not to watch the trailer if they want to avoid spoilers. Now, with the trailer finally online (and dedicated outlets like CinemaBlend analyzing everything from Rey's possible turn to the Dark Side to Kylo Ren's possible murder of General Leia), Johnson appears to have changed his tune in a significant way. There's a tidal wave of excitement for this movie, and he's keen to ride that wave.

If you have yet to actually see the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then take a look at it below to see what Rian Johnson's upcoming Star Wars epic has in store for fans of the saga!

At this point, all eyes are on The Last Jedi to do something incredibly different and unique with the galaxy far, far away. Although some fans regarded The Force Awakens as a bit of a retread into some of the safer Star Wars ideas from A New Hope, other people associated with the development of The Last Jedi have remarked on how fundamentally distinct it feels from other installments in the Star Wars franchise. Judging by everything that we can see in that particular trailer, it certainly looks like we are not getting a retread of The Empire Strikes Back. Rian Johnson has done something that seems unprecedented in the realm of Star Wars, and now he wants people to start getting excited about the potential of the project.

The Last Jedi will debut in theaters on December 15. What do you think of this latest trailer for the eighth installment in this iconic franchise? Give us your thoughts in the comments below so we can keep this conversation going!

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