New Brutal Video Points Out The Flaws In Friday The 13th Part 2

Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 2

The Friday the 13th saga is a mixed back of horror/slasher hits and misses. Early on, it was an effectively creepy, and admittedly campy, horror franchise, leaning on the relentless stalking of its hockey mask-sporting Jason. But in a classic example of diminishing returns, each sequel got sillier and sillier until, literally, Jason was killing people in outer space. In tribute to the lunacy of the series, and in celebration of today being Friday the 13th, here is CinemaSins taking the 1981 horror sequel Friday the 13th Part II to task:

As is usually the case with these nitpicky videos, the "Sins" aren't really mistakes in a movie, so much as questions about a film meant to trigger fun -- and sometimes meaningful -- conversations. Sequels weren't exactly as prevalent in the early 1980s as they are today (where pretty much every movie is opened with the intent of launching some Dark Franchise). But yeah, it is funny when the CinemaSins narrator points out how much of Friday the 13th Part II is rehashed footage from the original movie, right down to the final confrontation between camp counselor Alice Hardy and Pamela Voorhees... the disturbed mama of our deranged, beloved Jason.

Eventually, though, we move on to the action at Camp Crystal Lake, and Friday the 13th Part II begins to lay down the template for what would become the blueprint of numerous Friday movies. After avenging his mom's death, Jason hunts horny twentysomethings who have escaped to Crystal Lake for some R and R (and some T and A). This kills are nasty, and so is young Jason's face! I forgot that he didn't get his infamous hockey mask until Friday the 13th Part III, and instead, looked like this:

Friday the 13th Part II ends the video with 123 sins. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I don't see them as real "sins," and I'm sure that if we were to break down the next few Friday movies, they're double that number of sins. Maybe triple them. Except Friday the 13th Part IV. That one is great.

Will you celebrate the unofficial horror holiday with a reviewing of a Friday the 13th sequel? Which one will you choose? Will you count its sins? Let us know below.

Sean O'Connell
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