If you have kept up with the genre, then you likely already know that 2017 was a massive year for comic book movies. We saw the introduction of some great new heroes, the retirement of some older ones, some bonafide hits, and even a couple of disappointments. All in all, comic book movies had a moment this year, and the fans showed up for it.

Of course, now that every comic book movie of 2017 has officially debuted, it's time to dive in and discuss which of the superhero-themed films of the year deserve to go all the way when awards season rolls around -- as well as which categories they're most likely to win. With a lot of new Oscar voters added to the mix, the move to more populist Oscar picks may not be as far away as you'd guess. We have several films to get to on this list, so let's kick things off with the long-awaited reboot of a beloved kids' property.

8. Power Rangers

Possible Oscar Nominations: N/A

Considering the niche nature of the source material, Dean Israelite's Power Rangers actually proved itself as a surprisingly worthy reboot of the beloved kids' show. A tight, heartfelt origin story about a group of teenagers with attitude, Power Rangers was a generally fun time for audiences looking to go on an adventure. That said, it didn't provide much more beyond surface level thrills, and there wasn't really anything that Power Rangers did well that another 2017 superhero movie did better. As competently made as it is, we don't expect to see Power Rangers showing up at the Oscars in 2018.

7. Justice League

Possible Oscar Nominations: Best Costume Design

As the last major superhero movie to debut in 2017, Justice League hasn't received the warmest welcome from critics. It debuted to a mixed reception (although CinemaBlend's review skews favorably compared to others), and it doesn't surpass most of the other comic book movies from this year on storytelling or technical levels. However, there is one area in which Justice League excels: the costume designs. Michael Wilkinson created a distinctive visual motif for each character (as well as for the alter ego of each hero), and the suits worn by each Leaguer look great. If Justice League wins anything, it'll be for the costumes.

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