Jason Priestley Says He Punched Harvey Weinstein In The Face

jason priestley and harvey weinstein

Awards season is notorious for snubs and sentimental moments. The Golden Globes in particular are notable because they provide a forum for those in the TV and movie business to rub elbows together, and a lot of times this happens at after parties for the awards ceremony. Over the weekend, Beverly Hills, 90210 actor Jason Priestley explained that the 1995 Golden Globes after party he attended was a memorable one for him, because he says it is when he punched Harvey Weinstein in the face.

Speaking after Mira Sorvino responded to a report from Peter Jackson which noted Harvey Weinstein had actively derailed her career, Jason Priestley shared his own story of an interaction he had with the Hollywood producer. According to Priestley, Weinstein asked him to clear out at the Miramax Golden Globes after party back in 1995. Priestley says he was getting ready to leave when Harvey Weinstein confronted him. The actor said the exchange happened as follows:

'I didn't say you had to leave' [Weinstein] replied. 'You just told me to leave... right over there,' I tell him once again. Getting heated now. He then grabs me tighter and says, 'Why don't we go outside and talk about this.' That was all I needed to hear. 'I'm not going anywhere with you,' I said as I pushed him back and punched him with a right hand to his face. Suddenly, there were security guards pulling us apart and I was escorted out of the party...

It's unclear what may have prompted Harvey Weinstein to ask Jason Priestley to leave the party. Priestley is only recounting his side of the story over at Twitter, and Harvey Weinstein is busy dealing with a slew of sexual harassment and assault allegations right now. News has been coming out over the past couple of months regarding how the former Miramax and later The Weinstein Company producer allegedly used his power to coerce many young women into giving him sexual favors.

More recently, Peter Jackson spoke out about how when he was casting for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, he was told not to cast either Ashley Judd or Mira Sorvino for roles in his fantasy production. At the time, he was told by Miramax that both actresses were difficult to work with, but years later he sees a connection to those comments and the stories that have been coming out about Harvey Weinstein. That story prompted Mira Sorvino to take to social media to express she is happy someone has confirmed what she suspected all along. This led to Priestley's reveal that he punched Harvey Weinstein in the face.

Jason Priestley is still active in Hollywood. He currently voices a character in the TV project Wishenproof and has several directorial projects, like Drilled, coming up.

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