One 2017 Movie That Is Really Popular, At Least On Airplanes

boss baby on airplane

There isn't a long list of things you can do on an airplane. You could sleep or drink. You could read or try to get work done. You can chitchat with the stranger sitting next to you. However, there's a good chance while flying you might check out some sort of entertainment, from music to movies. And if you watched a movie on a plane in 2017, there's a good chance the movie you caught was The Boss Baby.

According to the Australian airline Qantas Airways, the most watched movie on the company's flights in 2017 was none other than The Boss Baby, followed by Logan, Hidden Figures and a few other flicks. You can check out the full list of popular airplane movies, below.

The Boss BabyLoganHidden FiguresBeauty and the BeastFantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemLionLa La LandBaywatchKong: Skull IslandBaby Driver

Honestly, a lot of these entries make sense. Home entertainment releases happen a few months after theatrical releases, so some of the movies got a push on airplanes in 2017 even if they came out in 2016. Some of these movies were big budget extravaganzas and perfect for airplane viewing. Per Qantas, Lion may have been particularly popular on that specific airline because it is an Australian film.

As for The Boss Baby, the movie has been overachieving since it was first released back in March. The family-friendly flick was sort of under-the-radar when it was released, in the sense that it didn't have as high of a profile as an already-popular franchise or a Pixar movie might have. It also has an outlandish premise, about a baby that shows up and begins acting like an adult "boss" while interacting with a 7 year old. It has kept people in stitches worldwide, however, and has made $498 million on a $125 million budget. Now, apparently, it's become popular on flights.

Plane movies are kind of a strange beast. Unless you have a super long flight, you often have to find a flick that is the right length. Another issue that has come up recently is the fact that movies you may watch on planes are often not the same edit that went up on the big screen.

Boss Baby recently earned a Golden Globes nomination for Best Animated feature, so it's not totally under the radar and DreamWorks has already stated it will be making The Boss Baby 2, which is currently aiming for a 2021 release at the studio. So, if this is one animated flick you haven't checked out yet, make sure you check it out the next time you are on an airplane.

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