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John Boyega Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The newest Star Wars movie is killing it at the box office and it's loved by most critics. However, there's a vocal contingent of fans who are less than thrilled with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. One of the film's stars, John Boyega, recently took to Twitter with a message that appears to be directed at those who are being both critical and loud about movie projects. He points out people like different things and everybody should relax. Boyega tweeted.

John Boyega doesn't expressly mention The Last Jedi in his tweet, so it's possible that he's talking about something else, especially since he recently watched Netflix's Bright, but literally every person who has responded to the tweet assumes he's discussing the new film, as that's the most obvious connection to make. To be fair most of the people who are responding are heaping praise on The Last Jedi, while most of the rest who admit they didn't care for it are accepting the premise, that other people did like it and that's OK.

At this point, it's actually difficult to tell exactly what the fan consensus on Star Wars: The Last Jedi actually is. The cumulative fan response over on Rotten Tomatoes sits at 52% positive, but there's some question as to how legitimate the number actually is. Regardless, there's clear passion on both sides of the argument. There are those that absolutely loved the new Star Wars and those who didn't.

In the best case, this has led to interesting and fun debates where fans of Star Wars can discuss the finer points and how they feel about the film, and how it fits into the franchise as a whole. It's wonderful that the movie has created such differing opinions as it means that Star Wars fans have a lot to discuss. Unfortunately, it seems that there are some who are really angry with the new film and aren't interested in a conversation. This seems to be the group of people that John Boyega is directing his tweet at.

The main issue seems to be focused on the fundamental idea of what Star Wars should be. For many, it is a simple and fun space opera with heroes and villains and space battles. However, The Last Jedi itself seems to be based on the idea that our heroes (or our favorite movies) are more complicated than all that, that these things need to evolve if they are too survive.

With Disney's plans to make new Star Wars movies from now until the complete contraction of the universe, it's likely we'll be getting a lot of movies that are not necessarily like those that came before. This will almost certainly lead to more debates and more questions and more people who don't like some of the entries in the franchise. Some will like them, some won't. Hopefully, we can all discuss this rationally and still enjoy the franchise as a whole.