It was an unusual, but unusually rewarding, year at the movies in 2017. The blockbusters stepped up their overall game, with tentpoles like Wonder Woman, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the horror masterpiece IT elevating their genres as they packed in audience members. Even installments from prestige directors like Guillermo del Toro and Edgar Wright dabbled heavily in genre cinema, while newcomer Jordan Peele blew the lid off of racial relations in America with his horror-comedy Get Out.

And yet, it took me nearly until the very end of the year to see the movie that I now consider to be the best film I watched in 2017. And for the longest time, I held a quality superhero film as the bar in which other movies had to meet -- and exceed -- to be included in my annual Top 10 year-end list. So here we are. The 10 best movies of the year, according to me. As with all of these lists, it's personal, and likely very different from yours. Share yours in the comments below. But if you want to know the movies that moved me the most this year, start at 10, and work your way to number one.

10. IT

Stephen King fanatics (a group I proudly subscribe to) had an up-and-down year. The wildly anticipated adaptation of the first chapter in the Dark Tower series landed with an absolute thud. So most of us likely walked into IT dreading another misfire, especially as this one attempted to adapt King's eponymous tome about trying to grow up in the world's worst town, all while dodging the murderous clown Pennywise.

Well, Andres Muschietti's IT is a fantastic telling of a gripping story, choosing only to adapt one half of King's story, and finding the absolute perfect kids to form a contemporary Losers' Club. The bond formed between Muschietti's young actors lays a solid foundation for the chills that are delivered in time, but it says a lot that the Pennywise scenes from IT (disturbing as they are) take a backseat to the comedic and character-developing bits included in this outstanding King adaptation. Bring on IT: Chapter 2!

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