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Who The Den Of Thieves Cast Would Recruit For The Perfect Heist

Every successful heist needs the right team members. Heck, there's an entire Ocean's franchise of films structured around the recruitment of the ideal heist team, then the pulling off of said crime. This week, Christian Gudegast's Den of Thieves follows a band of criminals on a planned heist of the Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve. And so we asked the cast members who they'd recruit for the perfect heist... and were shocked by their answers. Give a look:

The choices, as you can see, are strange. Gerard Butler contemplates his options and seems to draw from real life. He must know Jeremy Renner in person, because he quickly adds the Avengers actor to his team. He also picks Bill Clinton, though I wonder if this is because he's a fan of Point Break, and those dudes wore Presidential masks?

Point Break presidents

Rapper/actor 50 Cent, meanwhile, tells us that his preferred team would include his Den of Thieves co-star Gerard Butler. Only, there's a catch. Fitty wants to see Butler as his character from Law Abiding Citizen, because THAT dude was a total badass! Watch this "biblical" scene for visual proof:

You have to love O'Shea Jackson Jr's line of thinking, though. He's going outside of the box. He's going off the grid. He's bringing classic video game characters with him on his heist. Because he knows, when you are in a pinch, and you need to escape from a dangerous situation, you need to powers of Goku. Why not, right?

In Den of Thieves, Gerard Butler plays an L.A. county sheriff who is matching wits with a band of elite criminals, a team that includes 50 Cent and O'Shea Jackson Jr. The movie is in theaters as we speak, and has drawn comparisons to Fast Five and Michael Mann's classic, Heat. High praise. In fact, when we went to the movie's set, we learned all about the movies that inspired director Christian Gudegast. Give that a read before you head to the theaters to see it.

Den of Thieves is in theaters. While you are at it, bookmark our 2018 Movie Release Schedule to find out all of the movies that are coming to theaters this year.

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