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So far the marketing for A Quiet Place has focused primarily on the family attempting to maintain silence so as not to not alert a terrifying enemy to their existence. But tonight's Super Bowl spot has given us just a bit more about the world at large in John Krasinski's upcoming thriller. We see the desolation and abandonment as the family navigates its way to safety and survival. The short spot gives us an idea of what is going on, but the marketing is still smartly playing the monsters/enemies/aliens (whatever they are) close to the chest. Take a look below to check out the Super Bowl spot for A Quiet Place.

This A Quiet Place trailer finally gives us the inkling that whatever this family is hiding from is far more than some monsters in the woods. The beginning of the spot shows that there was a global military response to whatever this threat is and it seems that whatever happened happened fast, and with far-reaching devastation. So anyone thinking 'they should just move!' now knows that this threat appears to exist on a global scale, and the creatures are ever-present, so the need to be silent never abates. This family, and presumably anyone else still alive, needs to be on high alert all the time, coiled like a spring and ready to take flight or fight at the drop of a hat.

That is what is truly compelling about this trailer and has me so excited for this film. Once you know the premise (Be quiet!), every scene is dripping with tension. Whether it be a leisurely walk in the woods or a child playing with a toy, there is no true safety. The family appeared to walking barefoot on a trail, which is really interesting. What level of noise attracts these things? Are crunchier leaves best avoided? Will breaking a stick while walking into town spell certain doom for you and your family? Whatever this thing is, it seems to be a serious hunter that justifies sheer terror when the kid's toy space shuttle starts making noise. The look on John Krasinski's face just really sells it all, he is in a state of complete panic, but still has the presence of mind to immediately jump into action to handle the crisis however he can.

I really love that they are still not showing the monsters. It might be tempting in front of a wide Super Bowl audience to bring out the big guns and sell the monsters, but this spot doesn't do that. I really hope that can continue until this film's April release. I want to know nothing and be positively petrified when John Krasinski's family is viciously hunted by a unseen threat. John Krasinski doesn't have a large body of work as a director, but he is a talented actor, and with wife Emily Blunt on board and an exciting and fresh horror tale, he could really make a statement that he is more than just Jim from The Office,; he's also an exciting new director (and the new Jack Ryan).

A Quiet Place stalks its way into theaters on April 6. for all of this years biggest films, check out our release schedule.

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