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Disney Parks have major new lands dedicated to Star Wars coming to both U.S. theme parks. However, Disney recently revealed that Disneyland Paris also will have a major new Star Wars land coming, along with a whole lot more. Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced a massive investment in Disney's French location that will see three new lands added to the resort, one dedicated to Star Wars, one dedicated to Marvel, and a third that belongs to Frozen.

This is huge news for Disney fans in Europe, as well as any others who may be visiting there over the next several years, though clearly, these lands will take some time to complete. Disney currently has construction going on two different lands at Disney's Hollywood Studios right now, with Toy Story Land opening this summer and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge slated for next year, but this is the first time I can remember Disney announcing three major new lands to undergo construction since they last built an entirely new park, Shanghai Disneyland. Whether these lands go into simultaneous construction or are handled one at a time, Disneyland Paris is going to be a very different place in a few years.

No specific details were given regarding what these new lands might contain. There's a decent chance that the Star Wars land will be another version of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge that is currently being built in both Orlando and Anaheim, though depending on when construction is planned, a lot of changes or new ideas could be incorporated in the Paris design.

The Marvel land is the second one in a Disney park officially announced, as Hong Kong Disneyland is currently undergoing a massive renovation that will bring Marvel to that park in a big way. A Marvel land has been long rumored for Disney's California Adventure in California, but it has yet to be confirmed by Disney.

Finally, an entire land dedicated to Frozen is an interesting idea for Disneyland Paris, if for no other reason than the park probably sees a fair number of visitors from the actual Scandinavian nations. Epcot added a Frozen themed ride in its Norway pavilion a couple of years ago, and there's a good chance that ride will be part of this new land, but we can also expect a lot more to be included in the new expansion.

According to Bob Iger's announcement posted to the official Twitter feed of the government of France, the total investment from Disney for these new lands will come out to €2 billion (about $2.4 billion), which is massive considering that Disneyland Paris has been a money loser for most of the years of its existence. Clearly, Disney thinks that by adding more to the park they can change that.

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