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Doug Liman's Fair Game, the story of CIA operative Valerie Plame and the massive fallout that occurred when a member of the Bush administration revealed her identity, has been underway filming in New York for a while now. But now that the production has moved over to the Middle East, a new cast member is jumping on board. Liraz Charhi, an Israeli actress, will play Sawsan, the Iraqi doctor who was living in Cleveland when Plame asked her to go undercover in Baghdad.

THR doesn't specify exactly where they're filming in the Middle East, but we can be pretty safe in assuming it's not Baghdad. You probably wouldn't recognize Charhi from anything-- most of her credits come from Israeli television and one hit Israeli film. But hey, for your fourth acting role, acting alongside Naomi Watts (as Plame) and Sean Penn (as husband Joe Wilson) ain't bad!

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