Rampage: Rate And Discuss With Spoilers

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2018 just might be the year of the giant monster movie, with Rampage acting as the latest film to carry the banner in the name of large scale aggressors. With Dwayne Johnson getting ready to understand, and possibly tangle with, these mutated animals from a best-selling video game, you couldn't get more Hollywood than the movie that's making its debut in theaters this weekend. And seeing as a lot of you will probably be going to check this one out, it's time to rate and discuss the film with the public at large, and see what you thought of Rampage yourselves.

With the critical community pretty much a mixed bag in terms of how Rampage delivers its thrills and spills exactly, the one constant seems to be that the film kinda / sorta knows what its doing. Our own official review speaks to a similar truth, as it had the following to say:

It's easy to enjoy a big, knowingly dumb blockbuster, and that's exactly how you can categorize Brad Peyton's Rampage.

But as we all know, the critical and audience divide sometimes yields wildly differing opinions on films like Rampage. And as such, we'd like you folks at home to tell us what you thought of the film. You can do that in various ways, such as just putting your thoughts down about how you enjoyed the film, as well as answering the following discussion questions. Feel free to share both in your post at the end of the article, with these questions guiding your thoughts:

Is Rampage the best video game movie? If not, where do you rank it?Has Dwayne Johnson overexposed himself in the movie marketplace?As a fan of the original Rampage game franchise, how well do you think the movie captures the spirit of the games?Do you think there's enough of an opening for Rampage World Tour to become a possible sequel?Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan the best part of this movie?Should there have been more monster action in Rampage, or do you think the balance between man and beast was enough?Did Lizzy and Ralph get totally screwed over when it comes to screen time / character development, or what?

Questions firmly in mind, it's time to rate Rampage on the traditional scale of 0 to 5. Log your vote for how good Rampage was on the scale, and don't forget to include your ratings and rationale in your comments at the end.

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And finally, before we leave you all to a weekend of fun-filled movie watching, we'd like to suggest some further reading on Rampage. While you can find all of our coverage on the film here, there's some items we'd like you to pay close attention to. First, you can read how Dwayne Johnson spilled the beans on why he wanted to make Rampage into a movie. Also, we got several members of the cast to talk to us during the press day about how it felt to act against the absence of the CGI monsters and mayhem that make up the movie's content. Last, but not least, if you want to head to the theater with the right knowledge in your head, read our guides on what to know from the game franchise, as well as whether or not you should see the film in 3D.

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