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Book Club full cast

The new film Book Club follows four older women as they discover the sexy world of E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey. You'd think everybody who was interested has read that book by now, but apparently not. A recent promotional event for the new included several copies of Fifty Shades being set out throughout the event, and by the time the party was over, most of the books were apparently gone.

The event took place in New York City at Omar at Vaucluse and was attended by members of the Cinema Society. Several members of the Book Club cast, including Candice Bergen, Mary Steenburgen, and Don Johnson were in attendance and I'm really hoping none of them were the ones involved in the apparent mass theft of copies of Fifty Shades of Grey that took place, according to Page Six.

Since Book Club is all about a group of women who read the book, and how it affects their lives, it makes sense that copies of it would be used as decorations. Maybe the assumption was made that if you're interested in attending an event about a movie where people read the book, you're already familiar with the book in question. The novel, originally based on Twilight fan fiction, was released in 2011, so people have had plenty of time to pick up their own copies, or even to watch the movies based on the books if you aren't much of a reader.

If somehow everybody who absconded with a copy of Fifty Shades has never actually read the book, then I certainly hope they had a good time with it.

It's a pretty humorous image when you think about it. Much like the characters of Book Club, one assumes this party featured a selection of middle-aged women who stole the books. Each one, likely independent of the others, each looking around to make sure nobody is watching before slipping the book into her bag. Bonus points if they got one of the celebrities in attendance to autograph "their" copy of the book before running off with one of the party decorations.

As far as the movie goes, Book Club opened this past weekend in third place behind the comic book double act of Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War. While it may have only brought in $12 million, with a budget a microscopic fraction of the competition, it probably is doing just fine and is attracting an audience that probably would not see comic book movies, anyway.

If you haven't actually read Fifty Shades of Grey and want to do that before seeing Book Club, it is actually for sale at stores and online, there's no need to steal it.