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MoviePass and AMC Theaters have had more than a friendly rivalry over the past several months. While the former has seen huge subscriber growth with its new model, the latter has stated over time that the MoviePass way of doing things is not the right model, and both have been open about their feelings regarding each other. Now, AMC has announced that it is going to also create a service in a similar vein to that of MoviePass. Because of this, the subscription service has responded to the theater chain's new plans, expressing its thoughts on the matter. Per MoviePass:

MoviePass has touted a few different payment plans and options over the past several months. Regardless, the basic MoviePass plan costs $9.95 a month and offers users the option to see one movie a day, although recently a new rule was added where flicks can't be repeated. AMC's plan, on the other hand is an advanced addition to its Stubs Rewards program. Stubs A-List will cost $19.95 a month and can only be used at AMC Theaters, but it will also allow users to pre-order tickets, see the same movie multiple times and earn other benefits, like snack upgrades.

On Twitter, the service stated it has hopes that theaters will work with the MoviePass model down the line and will allow e-ticketing options so people don't have to physically head to the theater to use their MoviePass cards. Per the service:

AMC has repeatedly disparaged our model as a way to discourage our growth because all along they wanted to launch their own, more expensive plan. We want to make movies more accessible, they want more profit. E-ticketing is the way we're going to do that, some theaters already have this activated. We're working to on board as many partners as we can for this. You can help us by encouraging your local theaters to join our partner program.

Still, for now, AMC can one-up that e-ticketing model, although MoviePass clearly still has a leg up on price point and options in terms of where you want to see a movie. In addition, MoviePass recently announced a family plan is going to be introduced in short order, which should give people with families or partners more flexibility. There are other competitors in the market, as well, including Sinemia and Cinemark's Movie Club, and all have pros and cons, depending on the theaters you frequent and your general needs. To read up on the other competitors, head here.

For now, though, we're moving into a new era of movie-watching. It'll be interesting to see how different companies compete in the space, and see which plans end up enticing new customers and being viable over the long haul. It's an exciting time to be going to the movies, for sure.