Die Hard was such a successful movie that it launched not only Bruce Willis' film career, but a score of imitators. Describing a movie as "Die Hard in X" has become a joke that's been going on so long it's tired itself, but many of the action films that followed Die Hard could justifiably be described that way.

Many of these copycat movies were as terrible as you'd expect, and while it's hard to argue that any of them were better than the original Die Hard, a few of them were actually pretty good in their own right. Here are some of the best Die Hard movies that weren't actually Die Hard.

Sudden Death

Premise: Die Hard at the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Jean-Claude Van Damme was one of the top action stars of the early '90s, in the era just after the original Die Hard was released. He made several great action movies in his day, but the one that most closely followed the Die Hard formula was 1995's Sudden Death. Van Damme plays a former Pittsburgh, PA firefighter, now Fire Marshall of the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. During Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Van Damme's character discovers a former CIA agent is holding the Vice President hostage inside the arena. It's as over the top as it sounds, but Sudden Death goes all-in when it includes a scene where Van Damme fights a guy inside a penguin mascot costume.

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