The Skeezy Way Steven Seagal Treated Katherine Heigl On The Set Of Under Siege 2

Katherine Heigl as Sarah in Under Siege 2

We've all got to start somewhere. And for actors trying to make it big, that often means getting an early start to their career through work as a child actor. That's exactly the case with Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl, who was taking roles since the age of 12. This includes her supporting role in the 1995 sequel Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, alongside action star and occasional law man Steven Seagal. Heigl was just 16 at the time of filming, and she recently revealed some skeezy lines that Seagal said to the budding actress.

Katherine Heigl recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her upcoming thriller Unforgettable. While the two poked jokes at Steven Seagal, Heigl revealed one instance where the action star was just a tad creepy on set. She said,

My favorite was at the last day of shooting, and again, I had just turned 16 on this movie. And he said, 'You know Katie, I got girlfriends your age.' And I said, 'Isn't that illegal?' And he said, 'They don't seem to mind.' And I said, 'Mom!' I'm not making that up.

It's important to note that Katherine Heigl seems to be laughing at this conversation, and Seagal didn't really make any moves on the young actress. But yeah, I'd probably ask for my mom as well.

Steven Seagal is low hanging fruit for comedians like Jimmy Kimmel. Seagal has always been a very ahem colorful Hollywood figure, especially in the past few years. But Under Siege 2 was at the height of Seagal's career, so it makes sense that he might have been enjoying the perks that come with fame- including probably bedding a bevy of star chasers. But per Heigel's story, he probably could have recounted his adventures to a slightly older co-star.

But Steven Seagal didn't get off that easy. Because Jimmy Kimmel and his crew found a truly ridiculous photo of he and Heigl during a red carpet event, where Seagal's hand seems to have mysteriously ended up near her breast. Check it out.

Steven Seagall with his hand on Katherine Heigl's breast

Uh oh. This isn't going to help Steven Seagal's argument to this segment, because it looks like Seagal may be copping a feel with the young actress.

Of course, this may just be an unfortunate picture that was taken at the perfect angle. Katherine Heigl has no recollection of being felt up, which is probably a memory she would have retained considering the aforementioned story. Katherine Heigl also goes on to say she loves Seagal, so it's not like she's got truly sore feelings about his behavior during Under Siege 2.

You can see Katherine Heigl on the silver screen in Unforgettable opposite Rosario Dawson starting April 21, 2017.

Corey Chichizola
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