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When it comes to action, few performers know their way around the genre quite like The Rock. He has proven that he likes to challenge himself within that realm by taking on new heroes, with Skyscraper representing his latest attempt at something fresh and new. However, what about the idea of The Rock in a horror movie? I recently posed this question to Skyscraper producer and President of Production at Seven Bucks Productions, Hiram Garcia, and he explained that The Rock recently walked out of a screening of A Quiet Place beaming over the possibilities that the genre holds. Garcia explained:

It's funny, we all had a very special screening, we're shooting Jungle Cruise with Emily Blunt and she's married to John Krasinski, we had a great private screening. You could see coming out of it me and Dwayne were looking at each other, he was like, 'Man we gotta get our horror movie. It's gonna be so much fun!' We're huge horror fans and it's funny that you mention it because that's something that we always talk about.

The Rock is currently in the process of working on the Jungle Cruise movie with Emily Blunt, so he was able to get a special screening of A Quiet Place when John Krasinski brought the film during a visit. Following the screening of the film (which has gone on to become one of the most critically and commercially successful movies so far this year), the muscle-bound actor apparently noted to Hiram Garcia that he would like to get his own horror movie off of the ground at some point in the near future.

Of course, while Hiram Garcia and The Rock have talked about getting the behemoth action star into a horror movie of his very own, one other thing that they have discussed is the awesome possibility of getting the wrestler-turned-actor into the Alien franchise. Garcia continued:

Like how cool would it be to see Dwayne in like an Aliens movie? We talk about it all the time. It's just a matter of finding it and finding where we can slot it.

Just think about The Rock taking on a Xenomorph in a one-on-one battle. Doesn't that sound awesome? This writer certainly thinks so. That said, as Hiram Garcia noted during our chat, The Rock's slate is currently reasonably packed with projects like Red Notice, Black Adam, and the Hobbs and Shaw film, and it might take a while to find that perfect horror movie to draw him into the genre. Nevertheless, it's undeniably exciting to know that he wants to make a scary flick at some point.

Only time will tell of The Rock will get that perfect horror story that draws him into the genre. Until then, we can rest easy knowing that he has a firm grip on the action world. If you want to see his latest entry in the genre, you can catch Skyscraper in theaters right now!

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