When a franchise hits a 20-year stride like Mission: Impossible has, it's lucky to have the track record that it's earned over the course of its run. And through over two decades of history, this series hasn't lost its stride or gone completely off the deep end like other franchises that have come before it. Of course, that doesn't mean that we can't play favorites in the world of Ethan Hunt and the Impossible Mission Force. And since we're on the subject already, we're going to give you our ranking of Mission: Impossible films, from good to absolutely mind melting.

6. Mission: Impossible 2

Apologies to the Mission: Impossible 2 fans out there, and we know that you're out there, so there's no use hiding. As far as the merely "good" end of the spectrum is concerned, M:I 2 makes the lower end of the canon its home. It's not as polished as future missions, but the credit it can be given is that it's still slick as hell. John Woo's action sensibilities gave us a Mission: Impossible that we didn't expect, and it's as unique as it is exhilarating. Not to mention that final fight between Ethan and baddie Sean Ambrose really was a hell of a brawl.

5. Mission: Impossible

Two movies in the Mission: Impossible series have a love affair with Alfred Hitchcock-style spy thrills. The first, and most obvious, is Brian DePalma's initial foray into the adventures of the IMF. Without this film, we wouldn't have the mask pulls, the daring stunts, and Tom Cruise saving the world by outrunning and outthinking the competition. Plus, once the reveal pertaining to Jim Phelps' role in the whole story kicked in, it set the precedent for twists and turns to come in the Mission series. While this is definitely the slowest paced of the series, it built a foundation so rock solid, it let future installments really let loose.

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