Sin City’s Robert Rodriguez Sued For Going Over Budget With A Dame To Kill For

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The sequel to Sin City is a four-year-old movie that most us had probably forgotten about. However, it seems not everybody has. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For didn't make nearly the splash at the box office that its predecessor did. However, it seems that's part of the problem for one of the producers involved in the picture, as it is now suing director Robert Rodriguez, blaming him for the film going over budget, resulting in one studio paying out $15 million more than what had been approved in the budget.

The suit was filed on Monday by producer Sergei Bespalov and it claims that the budget issues that Sin City: A Dame To KillFor went through was due to a "pattern of misbehavior" on the part of Robert Rodriguez. When the film began to go over budget, SC2 Productions came in and helped shoulder the costs to the tune of $15 million. In addition, a company called Aldamisa International was to receive a share of the movie's profits. However, to date, the company has received nothing. Both Aldamisa and SC2 are named plaintiffs in the case as well.

It's far from uncommon for movies to go over budget, for any number of reasons. Production delays happen, or things just take longer than expected, often for reasons outside of anybody's control. However, in this case, those filing the suit are specifically blaming Rodriguez, and Fifth Brain and El Chingon Productions, subsidiaries of Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios, for the delays. According to Deadline, in one specific instance, Rodriguez failed to obtain a deferred services agreement from a special effects company doing work on the film.

Robert Rodriguez has yet to comment on the lawsuit but one certainly assumes he will before long.

As for why this lawsuit is being filed now, four years after the fact, the reason appears to be that one of the outside investors that was brought in by Sergei Bespalov, Merkel Business Overseas, is now looking for $10 million it says Bespalov owes to the company. Clearly, Bespalov thinks Robert Rodriguez should foot that bill.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For made less than $40 million around the world on a budget that's reported to have been around $65 million. If that number includes the $20 million in cost overruns then it's understandable why this fight is being initiated as, if the film hadn't had to spend that money, it would have been much closer to breaking even.

This is almost certainly the beginning of what is going to be a lengthy court issue. With so much money on the line, this is unlikely to simply fade away. We'll continue to follow and report on future developments.

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