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With the summer months in the rear view, the time has come to look forward to fall movies. This includes projects specifically for the season, like Blumhouse's upcoming Halloween. The canon-defying sequel will see the return of OG scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, who is returning to play a hardened and battle ready Laurie Strode. Although John Carpenter returned to write the new movie's music, Halloween is being handled by a new team of superfans, including David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. The latter is serving as a writer, joining his favorite franchise of all time. But despite loving the original Halloween so much, he was too freaked to come face to face with villain Michael Myers. As he tells it,

That day, they were testing the mask [with] James for the very first time. They weren't even shooting with him. They had brought the mask onto set and were doing lighting tests inside the house. We creeped in early to see that... and there he was at the end of the hallway, just sort of lit from a little bit of light coming in from a bedroom shining on the Shape standing at the end of this hallway, just looking at us. We were all like, 'That's incredible! I don't want to go back there. I know what happens when you go back there!'

Smart man. Michael Myers has a habit of isolating and murdering his victims, so Danny McBride knew better than to get alone with The Shape. If only Laurie Strode's friends had the same idea back in the original movie.

Danny McBride's comments to EW continues to highlight what a superfan the Vice Principals actor is to the Halloween franchise. In many ways, John Carpenter's 1978 movie helped to shape the slasher genre, and inspired countless horror movies in the decades since. Halloween's music, characters, and cinematography have all remained iconic, including the horrifying ways in which Michael Myers stalks his victims.

As Halloween was filming, Danny McBride and the rest of the team continued highlighting how much they were trying to emulate the original. The franchise's complicated canon was quickly scrapped, making Blumhouse's new movie a direct sequel to John Carpenter's classic. The upcoming movie will reportedly rely heavily on tension, rather than gore. The first footage certainly proves this, portraying Michael Myers as an agent of chaos, who both kills and spares residents of Haddonfield at random. But there's one victim he's got his damaged eye on: Laurie Strode.

The anticipation for Halloween has only grown since the project was first announced, and the early reception for the movie has been very high. All will be revealed when Blumhouse's Halloween will arrive in theaters on October 19, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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