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Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger in Black Panther

Michael B. Jordan has been playing a lot of tough customers on the big screen in recent years, but which one is actually the toughest? Michael B. Jordan was recently asked who he thought would win in a fight between Adonis Creed, his character in Creed and the forthcoming Creed II, and Erik Killmonger, the role he played in Black Panther. While Jordan seems like he wants to give the nod to Creed, he admits Killmonger would just be too much for the boxer outside of the ring. According to Jordan...

I'm gonna have to say Killmonger. Only because he's, like, trained in every style possible -- weapons, martial arts, boxing, this, that, the other. Adonis? He's scrappy, he's a fighter, but he needs to be in the ring. He needs these two hands.

In a straight-up fight, Erik Killmonger was able to take down T'Challa, so it's not too far of a stretch to believe that he could do the same thing with Adonis Creed. Killmonger worked for governments doing things that those governments didn't want to advertise, and in doing so he was trained in every imaginable fighting style and with every imaginable weapon so that he would be the most deadly force possible.

As tough as Adonis Creed is, it's difficult to imagine him standing much of a chance against that in a fight with no rules. Adonis certainly wouldn't go down easy, and if he was able to get his hands on Killmonger the guy wouldn't leave the fight without some damage, but it's unlikely Creed would ultimately prevail.

Of course, if Killmonger was forced to abide by actual rules to the fight, and the pair had a real boxing match between the ropes, things will likely go very differently. Chris Van Vliet followed up asking what would happen if the fight was an actual boxing match and Michael B. Jordan said...

I'll give it to Adonis. [But] a straight-up fight, Killmonger's gonna take it, for sure.

If Killmonger was limited in what he could actually do in a fight, he wouldn't be such an obvious winner. His strength comes in the fact that he can be versatile and fight in any number of different ways. Adonis Creed is probably the better boxer of the two, having spent his career focusing on that particular style of fighting, so if that was all the two could do, Killmonger would likely go down.

A Creed vs. Killmonger boxing match might look like the bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Nobody would question McGregor's ability to fight, but when forced to play to the strengths of his opponent, it's a different story.

While Killmonger may ultimately be the victor in any fight between these two, luckily, Creed doesn't have to fight outside the ring. He'll have his two hands full, however, when Creed takes on the son of the man who killed his father in Creed II which will be hitting theaters next week.

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