Even Captain Marvel's Brie Larson Can't Resist Teasing Mark Ruffalo About Spoiling Movies

Unlike their comic book counterparts, most of the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe don't really have secret identities. That's probably for the best, because even the actors playing them can't manage to keep a secret, most notably Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo. The MCU's newest hero, Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson, is well aware of the loose-lipped nature of her co-stars and couldn't resist teasing the Hulk actor about it. Check it out:

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She may be new to this whole superhero thing, but Brie Larson figures that if her tweet showing her magazine cover is a spoiler, at least she'll be in good company. It is a good-natured but hilarious jab at the Bruce Banner actor who has more than earned his reputation as a spoiler during his time in the MCU. She even @s Mark Ruffalo on Twitter, as if to remind him of his missteps.

Everyone teases the young Tom Holland (ironically the only actor whose character has a major secret identity) for the amount of beans he has spilled, so it's only fair Mark Ruffalo gets called out for his spoilers -- and Brie Larson couldn't resist. Her first onscreen appearance in the MCU is still a month and a half away but Brie Larson is already fitting right in with her superpowered cohorts.

Hopefully this tweet will keep secrecy at the forefront of Mark Ruffalo's mind as we race towards the release of Avengers: Endgame and he won't accidentally spoil something or livestream the movie. Maybe Brie Larson can be the person on the press tour who babysits the Hulk actor to make sure he doesn't let the cat out of the bag; Don Cheadle certainly doesn't want the job.

It sounds like Mark Ruffalo and Brie Larson may have a chance to discuss the latter's jokes onscreen too, considering that we've heard that they share a scene together in Endgame. Can Captain Marvel outmuscle the Hulk? Time will tell.

Although Brie Larson joked that she'll be the Mark Ruffalo of 2019, the actress has actually made a concerted effort to do quite the opposite. She is seemingly determined not to have a mortifying slip-up and is endeavoring to keep the secrets she knows hidden until after the films are released and everyone can discuss them.

Like the rest of the MCU actors, Brie Larson knows a lot of secrets too. We'll see how well she can keep them and how well her strategy of erasing her mind works in the lead up to Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, where she will be asked many prying questions looking for a Ruffalo-esque slip.

Captain Marvel opens in theaters on March 8. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule for the biggest movies heading to theaters this year, and for all the latest on why spoiler-free is the way to be, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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