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Disney has been on a roll with its live-action adaptations, as each new release has a mixture of nostalgia and modern hype attached. Starting with Maleficent, many of the House of Mouse's most beloved animated features have been brought back to the silver screen, with dazzling visual affects to bring extra bit of Disney magic. The next of these releases is Aladdin, with the project slowly building anticipation since it was announced.

While there's been some brief clips released, Disney Studios has finally revealed the full trailer for Aladdin, and it didn't skimp on the magic or musical numbers. Check it out below, and transport yourself back to Agrabah.

Well, this is exciting. It looks like Aladdin will be a pretty spot-on recreation of the 1992 classic animated film. And with Disney capable of wild effects in bringing the project to live-action, smart money says that generations of fans will be clamoring to theaters when the blockbuster arrives in May.

The Aladdin trailer starts right with the love story that is motivating its title character. While trying to escape the city's police, the street rat (Mena Massoud) has a meet-cute with the princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott). He's determined to become suitable enough to woo Jasmine, and is manipulated by Jafar (Marwan Kenzari) into finding the magical lamp. It's the story old as time, but this time it'll feel all the more real.

There's plenty of Will Smith in this first trailer, featuring his version of Robin Williams' Genie, including his signature song "Never Had A Friend Like Me." The character has gotten quite a bit of pushback ahead of its release, with fans worried when the first look showed Smith looking noticeably non-blue. Both the actor and Disney maintained the character would indeed have his blue appearance, although the first look of Smith's complete look went viral for all the wrong reasons.

But now it looks like the character will spend significant time without his blue pigment, presumably to disguise himself and help Aladdin as he attempts to become Prince Ali. This is no doubt going to turn some heads, so stay tuned as the twittersphere blows up.

Perhaps the most exciting moment of this new trailer is the clips from "A Whole New World", the movie's love ballad. We see as Jasmine and Aladdin take that iconic magic carpet ride, and belt it out as they soar through the clouds. The new trailer provided glimpses at the two most beloved musical numbers from the original, so it's clear that Disney is going to tug on our nostalgic hearts throughout the upcoming movie.

Aladdin will fly into theaters on May 24th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.