Mckenna Grace Had A Scary Set Experience Making Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle Comes Home

For audience members sitting in a darkened theater, the right horror film can truly scare you and have you squirming in your seat, watching the screen through your fingers. But does that scariness extend to the making of the film itself? It seems it can, and did for Annabelle Comes Home star Mckenna Grace, who had a scary set experience making the Conjuring Universe film, as she explained:

I’ve done about three scared scenes so far, and I haven’t been too scared in those, but I do have a scary story. On one of the first days, I came and looked at the house that they built, on set. We were doing our rehearsal and my nose was pouring blood, all of a sudden. The lights were off because they had to re-set something, and I was like, “There’s blood!” And then, as soon as I stepped outside to go to the restroom to get a tissue, it stopped. It was creepy. But then we had the set blessing, so everything is good now.

Well, that’s disconcerting. The 12-year-old actress who plays the Warren’s daughter Judy in the film hasn’t been frightened by the actual scary scenes she’s filmed, where she is required to act scared, but she still experienced a creepy moment on set. As she told reporters during a set visit attended by CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg while on the set of the Warren home, which is filled with haunted objects, her nose started bleeding profusely.

She seemingly didn’t even know it was her blood at first because the lights were off. Then as she left to get a tissue and got outside of the set’s radius of supernatural effect, the bleeding stopped. A coincidence perhaps, but one that could definitely freak someone out, especially a young actress on one of her first days on a big horror film.

Also, I imagine that hearing Mckenna Grace, a child actor, scream out “There’s blood!” provided a different kind of fright for those on the set within earshot and must have given a few people mild heart attacks. Fortunately, they had the set blessing and there was no more blood. There were still some weird occurrences though. Elaborating on some of her other Annabelle Comes Home filming experiences, Mckenna Grace said:

Yes! There was this statue thing. It had its eyes closed, but to me, it looked like they were open. I was like, “Oh, that’s fun!” It was creepy. And then, one day, our trailer lights were just out, at the end of the day. None of the other trailer lights were off. There were two trailers, and the other one wasn’t off. It was so weird. They wouldn’t turn on and off, so they had to go re-set stuff. After they re-set it, they were like, “Everything is perfect. Why isn’t it turning on?” It just wouldn’t turn on. It took them 15 minutes to figure it out. It was crazy!

It’s fascinating how everyday occurrences can take on a poltergeist-like, supernatural quality when they happen in the right context. That was the case here, where the actual stuff that is supposed to be scary in the film is just cool, but it creates an environment where what in most other contexts would be a frustrating technical malfunction, here becomes something quite strange.

It even sounds like a scene out of a horror movie where the hey keep trying to flick the trailer lights on and they won’t come on, but when they do, you get a killer jump scare with a creepy doll or something. Fortunately, these were just weird occurrences and Mckenna Grace seems to have taken them all in stride. I suppose we should expect nothing less from the actress who played young Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel.

Annabelle Comes Home sees the Warrens bringing the possessed Annabelle doll into their home and locking it in the artifacts room where it can hopefully do no more harm. But that move proves to be like lighting a match near barrels of gunpowder, as Annabelle awakens the room's evil spirits, which then go after the Warren's daughter Judy and her friends. The trailer for Annabelle Comes Home debuted recently and it really is a homecoming, with the return of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

Annabelle Comes Home to the Warren’s and theaters on June 28. Check out our 2019 release schedule to see this and all the other movies you can look forward to this year, and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all the latest movie news.

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