Angel Has Fallen Trailer: Morgan Freeman And Gerard Butler Are Back For Olympus Has Fallen Three-quel

Through the events of Olympus Has Fallen, and subsequently London Has Fallen, Secret Service agent Mike Banning has gone through hell and back to protect the most important people in the United States’ government. But in the next chapter of his story, titled Angel Has Fallen, that job is about to get a lot harder. As Banning himself is framed with trying to do the one thing he’s sworn to prevent: the death of the President.

Check out the trailer for yourself, below:

Coming in after the events of London Has Fallen, Angel Has Fallen also sees a change in who exactly is the Commander In Chief, as Morgan Freeman’s Allan Trumbull has made it into the White House this time around. Of course, that surprise is short-lived, as the film’s trailer sees a huge drone attack take out President Trumbull’s security detail, leaving Mike Banning the prime suspect behind the event.

Pursuing Gerard Butler’s Mike through this new film is Jada Pinkett Smith’s FBI agent Thompson, a new character introduced in Angel Has Fallen. Her character not only has the job of giving Mike Banning the bad news that he’s being investigated for attempted assassination, but also trying to find him once he’s gotten loose. If you didn’t think he was going to get loose, then you’re probably thinking of some other hypothetical sequel to a White House-themed Die Hard homage.

So naturally, with his back against the wall, and seemingly nowhere to escape this shadowy conspiracy, Mike Banning needs to find someone he can trust to keep him alive, and help him protect the president. Who better than his own father, Clay? (By the way, Clay's played by future Star Wars TV star Nick Nolte, who looks like he’s the type of person who believes in survival off the grid.) Seeing as Mike’s pretty resourceful in these sorts of situations, Angel Has Fallen sees the two reunited, and ready to bring the fight to whoever wants it.

Co-starring Lance Reddick, Piper Perabo, and Danny Houston as who looks to be one of the film’s main antagonists, Angel Has Fallen looks like more of a personal war between Mike Banning and the forces of villainy. This third tour of duty in the series that started with director Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen has him square in the crosshairs of those who would do the country, and its leader, harm. Though that only makes this latest entry that much more dangerous.

The explosions and gunfire come fast and furious in this trailer for director Ric Roman Waugh’s latest action spectacular. Coming from a stunt background, much like John Wick directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, it’s exciting to think of the amazing thrills that Angel Has Fallen hasn’t shown us in this first look.

It’ll be a little while before we get to see those thrills, as Angel Has Fallen lands in theaters on August 23rd. But if you’re looking for something action-packed in a theater near you, the 2019 release schedule is practically an armory for your moviegoing dollar.

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