Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Has Blue And Green Milk But Which Is Better?

Luke Skywalker drinking green milk in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is a new land that is all about making you feel like you're standing on an alien world in the galaxy far, far away. You get to fly in Star Wars spaceships. You can craft Star Wars weapons and droids. You can shop in an alien marketplace. However, one thing that Disneyland is especially known for is innovative and interesting food and drinks, and Galaxy's Edge is no exception.

A number of culinary delicacies have been created for guests to try, but if you're a serious Star Wars fan, then none may be quite as important as the beverages you can find at the Batuu milk stand.

From the moment Luke Skywalker sat down to breakfast in A New Hope, fans have wondered exactly what that blue concoction he was drinking actually was. The food and beverage team at Disney Parks have come up with their best approximation of that, as well as the green liquid Luke Skywalker pulled right from the source in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Green Milk and Blue Milk at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

The two drinks don't have special names. They're known simply as "blue milk" and "green milk" and are both available in a single place inside Galaxy's Edge, a location known simply as the milk stand. Both types of milk go for $7.99, so they're not cheap drinks, to be sure, but that's honestly pretty standard for a non-alcoholic specialty beverage at Disneyland.

What Exactly Is Blue Milk And Green Milk?

So, first and foremost, the most important thing to know is that neither of these drinks is technically milk. Both are beverages with a rice and coconut base rather than coming from any form of actual dairy. This is done largely to simply allow more people to enjoy the drinks. Both of them are vegan, so everybody from vegetarians to the simply lactose intolerant can still have a glass.

The drinks also are not quite the same consistency as milk. Both are closer to a milkshake than milk, or, since both have strong fruit flavors, maybe calling them a smoothie is more accurate. Either way, pouring blue milk on your morning breakfast cereal wouldn't simply change the color of your breakfast, but everything about the meal.

drinking blue milk

Blue Milk

Starting with the iconic blue milk made famous in Star Wars: A New Hope, this icy cold beverage is going to hit all your buttons, especially if you're a fan of tropical fruits. It's got flavors of pineapple and dragonfruit, but also watermelon. If you're looking for something cold and refreshing to drink on a hot day in Southern CA and there will be a lot of those this summer, or on Batuu, the blue milk is probably going to be much more your speed.

My guess is that the blue milk will be the favorite among most guests as it's something of a safer choice. The other option is a bit more adventurous.

Drinking green milk

Green Milk

Green milk is also very much a fruit smoothie, though the fruits here are quite different. The green option is very heavy in the citrus flavors -- think oranges and grapefruits above all. There's a bit of tropical fruit here as well as I think there's passion fruit also included.

This could have made the green milk the more popular choice overall, but green milk has a bit of a twist. In addition to these citrus flavors, there's also a strong element that I can only describe as floral tasting. It comes in at the back of the sip and is very strong. Because of this, it's the flavor that is still lingering after you swallow, making the green milk the more unique taste of the two.

This will be the determining factor in which of the two you like better. These floral notes are either going to appeal to you or they're going to turn you off in a big way.

Blue and Green Milk

So Which Is Better?

Going in I sort of assumed this would be an easy enough question to answer, but as it turns out, not so much.

Personally, I have to say I actually enjoyed the green milk more. I found the floral notes of the beverage to be quite interesting and unexpected and I love any food or drink that combines flavors I like in unique and interesting ways.

Having said that, it seems, based on those who have given both milks a try at Galaxy's Edge, that I'm very much in the minority. Odds are you will prefer the blue milk over the green. I can totally see that many might not go for the floral component of the green milk. It's not the first flavor you think of when you think "ice cold fruit smoothie."

The best comparison that I can come up with comes from the world of beer. What's often referred to as a "west coast IPA" is a beer that is usually heavy in hops and thus is more bitter. It certainly has a strong flavor to it, but it's one that doesn't appeal to everybody.

Green milk isn't bitter, but it has a strong flavor in the same way. You're either going to like the taste or you're going to hand the glass to your friend and see if they want to finish it.

Blue milk is more like your session IPA. Its flavors are smoother and more balanced. It's easier to drink. It's designed specifically to appeal to a wider variety of palettes.

If you're going to be checking out Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and you want to try something at the milk stand, my recommendation is go with the blue milk first. If you're there with a group of friends, consider getting one green milk among the group so that everybody can at least give it a try. There's a decent chance somebody will like it enough that it won't go to waste, and if everybody loves it, you can always get more.

You can still check out Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge now by booking a stay at a Disneyland Resort hotel, everybody booked in the room will get access to a four hour visit to Batuu. Starting June 24, no reservations will be required.

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