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Hobbs And Shaw’s David Leitch Would Love To Return For The Matrix

Keanu Reeves stopping bullets in The Matrix Reloaded

It's still a little hard to believe that another sequel to The Matrix is actually a thing that is happening. And yet, somehow, here we are, in a world where that is exactly what's going on. Needless to say, a lot of people are excited. Fans of the original trilogy can't wait to see what Lana Wachowski has in store and a number of the cast members of the original films have expressed interest in returning, and many, like Keanu Reeves, are doing so.

Of course, both the Matrix films and the Wachowskis have obtained such popularity among many that it's not just the cast that is willing to return. David Leitch worked on the Matrix sequels as a stunt player and became the stunt co-ordinator for the Wachowski's Speed Racer movie.

Today he is an accomplished director in his own right of films like Deadpool 2 and Hobbs and Shaw, but he says that if the Wachowski's would take him, he'd do whatever they needed on The Matrix 4.

If Lana called and wanted me to do anything on that movie, I would come, I’d carry a c-stand or sandbags...I loved working with her and I loved working with her sister and I feel like I owe so much of my filmmaking background to working on not only the Matrix movies, but also Speed Racer, Ninja Assassin. They were great mentors to me, so if they call I’ll be there. Catering [even]!

David Leitch isn't the only one from behind-the-scenes of the Matrix movies who has expressed a willingness to return, Chad Stahelski, who was Keanu Reeves' stunt double on the films, had said even before The Matrix 4 was confirmed that if such a movie ever happened, he would happily drop his job as a director and go be a stunt man again for Lana Wachowski.

Stahelski and Leitch would eventually work together as co-directors and create the John Wick franchise with Reeves, which Stahelski has continued to helm.

David Leitch's comments to Coming Soon are probably the rule when it comes to the crew that worked on the Matrix movies. Although, the fact that it's been 16 years since the last Matrix movie makes one wonder how much of the crew might be in a position to return. Under normal circumstances you'd expect a lot of the crew of a movie to return for a sequel, but so much time has passed here and David Leitch probably isn't the only one who has moved on to bigger and better things.

From all indications the new Matrix movie is actually going to be here sooner rather than later, so anybody who wants to be a part of it, cast or crew, is going to need to clear their schedule.

Dirk Libbey
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