Bad Boys Star Joe Pantoliano Has ‘Severe Head Injury’ After Being Struck By Car

Joe Pantoliano in Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Joe Pantoliano is currently recuperating at home after being hit by a car Friday afternoon. The Bad Boys actor was taking a walk through his neighborhood with his family when it happened. Pantoliano had actually posted about the walk on his Instagram account shortly before being struck.

Joe Pantoliano’s wife, Nancy Sheppard, spoke with TMZ and explained that the incident occurred after two vehicles collided during their family walk. One vehicle, which Sheppard says was t-boned by the other, slid across the road and hit Pantoliano. The hit sent the actor flying a few feet into a wooden fence, resulting in injuries to his head, shoulder and left leg.

Shortly after, Pantoliano was quickly taken to a hospital where he received treatment, including a CT scan. Later that day, an update from his Instagram account revealed that he’d been discharged from the hospital and was at home recovering. The post also mentioned that he had suffered a "severe head injury and some chest trauma." In addition, there were photos of Pantoliano with a gash on his head but also sporting a smile and giving a thumbs-up. You can check out the post below:

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Since the news broke, fans have taken to social media to wish Joe Pantoliano a speedy recovery, a fact that the Instagram update also acknowledged. The veteran actor has amassed some devoted fans, especially those who remember him for his role as Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos.

Physical healing is definitely the most important aspect when recovering from a situation such as this. However, mental healing can be a powerful element as well, and that can start with getting love from the fans or opening up about the actual incident.

This definitely seemed to work for Kevin Hart, who suffered serious injuries after getting into a car accident himself. However, he still remained in regular communication with fans and was candid about how the situation affected him physically and mentally. Now, the actor has recovered and is back to work.

Joe Pantoliano and his family seem to be taking the same approach, and it’s a good step in the right direction. Seeing him smile even after what’s happening is nice, and it should definitely serve as a comfort to fans. Though, they shouldn’t be completely surprised to see him bouncing back so quickly. Between The Sopranos, Bad Boys and The Matrix, he’s had his fair share of excitement. Now, it should be pointed out that he didn’t such severe injuries when making those productions, but he’s still proven to be just as tough as the characters he plays on screen.

I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m glad Joe Pantoliano is on the mend and has his family by his side during this time. We here at CinemaBlend wish him the best during his recovery.

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