Robert Pattinson Says Tenet Was Exhausting And He Didn't Even Do Most Of The Work

Robert Pattinson in Tenet

After his time as Edward in the Twilight film series ended, Robert Pattinson spent the rest of the 2010s performing in smaller/independent movies, such as Life, Good Time and The Lighthouse. This year, however, marks Pattinson’s return to the world of blockbuster productions. Pattinson’s appearing in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and found it to be a particularly exhausting shoot, and he didn’t even have nearly as many scenes to film as the movie’s lead, John David Washington.

Here’s what Robert Pattinson recently had to say about his experience working on Tenet:

It was really hard this shoot. And also I was only doing basically 1/3 of what John David was doing. I basically felt like I had mono. So… John David literally every day from as soon as his arrival on set ‘til the end of the day, just buoyant the whole time. It was kind of really necessary energy to have.

Making any kind of movie isn’t an easy endeavor, especially ones that rely heavily on action and spectacle. Going off the footage that’s been shown off in the first two Tenet trailers, I can understand why Robert Pattinson found it tiring, though evidently John David Washington was much more energized despite have more time in front of the camera. Fortunately, for Pattinson, that energy was contagious and helped him get through Tenet’s shoot, as he informed EW while speaking alongside Washington and costar Elizabeth Debicki.

If Robert Pattinson found Tenet to be tiring, I can only imagine how he’s felt shooting The Batman, as the actor is playing the eponymous vigilante. Then again, Tenet’s principal photography went uninterrupted, whereas The Batman had to pause rolling cameras back in March due to the global health crisis. Pattinson even admitted that he was grateful for the break since he went straight from working on Tenet to The Batman and was feeling “a little loopy.” So the experiences aren’t quite comparable, but Pattinson is gearing up to don the cape and cowl again, as The Batman’s production is expected to pick back up soon.

Described by Christopher Nolan as his movie that’s “most designed for the big screen experience,” Tenet follows a group of secret agents who are tasked with stopping World War III, and a strange concept called time inversion factors heavily into the plot. Robert Pattinson’s character is identified as Neil and he’s an ally to John David Washington’s character (who still hasn’t been named), though I can’t help but prepare for the possibility that a double-cross is in store.

Along with the previously mentioned actors, Tenet’s cast includes Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Dimple Kapadia, Clémence Poésy, Himesh Patel, Denzil Smith, Martin Donovan and Sean Avery. The movie reportedly cost upwards of $200 million to make, which, if true, makes this Christopher Nolan’s most expensive original project (The Dark Knight Rises would still rank as the most expensive overall).

Tenet opens in theaters on July 31, so keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more coverage on it in the months ahead. Feel free to also browse through our 2020 release schedule to learn what other movies are coming out later this year.

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