Keanu Reeves Gave The Perfect Answer When Asked Who’d Win In A Fight Between John Wick And Neo

John Wick and Neo side by side

The "Who would win in a fight?" question is as old as pop culture itself. Take two characters, or spaceships, or whatever, who have shown total dominance in their own universe, and consider what would happen if the two crossed over and did battle against each other. Could the Millennium Falcon destroy the Enterprise? What would happen if Luke Skywalker fought Captain America? What about if Neo fought John Wick?

Keanu Reeves has portrayed two of the most popular action heroes of the modern age in The Matrix's Neo and the title character of the John Wick series. In a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host, who has shown himself to be something of a geek in the past and has likely considered questions such as these himself, asked Keanu Reeves who would win if Neo fought John Wick. Keanu really objected to the question, not believing that the two would ever actually fight.

Instead, Reeves thought if Neo and John Wick ever crossed paths, we might be in for one of the greatest team-up movies ever. Reeves told Colbert...

No! No. They wouldn't fight, but maybe John Wick would try and help Thomas Anderson out in the real world. Maybe against the machines.

It's almost funny how much Keanu apparently hates the idea of Wick and Neo fighting. He seems to be approaching the idea like a fan would, who wouldn't want to actually see two characters he liked do battle. Stephen Colbert even gives the setup that Neo accidentally kills John Wick's dog, the one thing we know we would force Wick into action, and yet, Keanu just doesn't accept the idea.

Still, if we can't get an idea of who would win from the one guy who would probably know, then the next best thing would be to see Neo and John Wick team-up. And honestly, if John Wick was fighting against the machines, the machines would have a serious problem on their hands. Sure, we've never seen John Wick fight massive AI monsters, but nothing else has had any luck killing him up to this point, so I have no reason to suspect the machines would do any better. Wick always finds a way to take the advantage and use it.

If you need to see more of both Neo and John Wick in order to make your own call on this battle, you'll have that chance. Keanu Reeves is currently filming The Matrix 4 and there are now at least two more John Wick movies set for our future, so we'll be seeing both of these characters again. Seeing them fight is far less likely, though maybe there's potential in a John Wick vs. Neo comic book or some other medium that will answer the question for us one day.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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