Subscribe To From Paris With Love Posters: A Potential Travolta Hair Disaster Updates
John Travolta is getting right up there with Nicolas Cage as an actor making increasingly questionable hair decisions. Battlefield Earth was the first sign of the horror to come, and while it's never quite gotten worse than that, take a look at the Old Dogs poster and try to convince me something horrible isn't happening here.

So if bad Travolta hair = bad movie, we might need to worry about From Paris With Love, the new action thriller from Taken director Pierre Morel, about two spies (Travolta and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) working together to prevent a terrorist attack. Crave Online has two new posters for the film, which feature both Travolta and Rhys-Meyers carrying guns and looking intense... with Travolta veering ever so slightly toward crazy.

Check out smaller versions of the two posters below, and witness the hair travesty for yourselves.

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