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Why Batman Brings Balance To The World, According To Zack Snyder

Batman in Justice League

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It's no secret that comic book properties are everywhere, both on the small and silver screen. Batman is arguably one of the most popular heroes of all time, and has therefore been adapted for film, TV, and games countless times throughout the years. Filmmaker Zack Snyder brought Ben Affleck's version of the character to the DCEU with Batman v Superman and Justice League, and recently explained what The Dark Knight brings to the world.

The world recently celebrated Batman Day, with the generations of Bat-fans out there celebrating the decades of superheroic adventures. Zack Snyder brought a jaded and experienced version of Gotham's Protector to life in the DCEU, paired with Ben Affleck's hulking physicality. He clearly has a relationship with the character, and took the time to explain the unique balance he provides in on the page. In his words,

Batman is all of us… he is our rage at injustice… he stands alone, as we all wish we could, in the face of a corrupt system which wishes to oppress and exploit… he is that broken child, searching the dark alleys of the human soul to bring balance to the world.

Well, that's one perspective. Bruce Wayne/Batman has enthralled the general public for decades, so there's clearly something about the DC hero that continues to resonate with audiences. And according to Zack Snyder, that's because he stands as an everyman who brings the justice we all seek. An everyman who happens to be super rich and skilled.

Zack Snyder shared his thoughts about Batman over on his personal Twitter. The visionary filmmaker is very generous with the fans on social media platforms, often using it to help build anticipation for the upcoming Snyder Cut of Justice League. So when Batman Day happened, Snyder understandably shared his perspective of the beloved DC figure.

Batman v Superman and Justice League are both streaming on HBO Max, which will be the home of the Snyder Cut next year. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

Batman is notable for its tragic backstory, as a child who watched his parents die in the streets of Gotham City. And in many ways he's still that child, with his life of brutal crime fighting coming from his childhood trauma. It's this fatal flaw that makes him so relatable, at least according to Zack Snyder. Because aren't we all carrying our own pain?

Zack Snyder's relationship with Batman will soon be expanded thanks to the Snyder Cut's impending release on HBO Max. The filmmaker's original vision for the blockbuster will be presented in four hour-long installments, and that should include a ton of new footage of Ben Affleck's Batman. That same character will also have a future in the upcoming Flash solo movie.

As for Bruce Wayne, Robert Pattinson's version of the character will make its silver screen debut in Matt Reeves' The Batman. The movie recently resume filming across the pond, and its first trailer teased a very different take on the beloved character. Additionally, Michael Keaton will also reprise his version of The Bat in the Flash movie.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated on all things Batman as more details become public. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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