How Working On Avatar 2 With James Cameron Is 'Calmer' Than Titanic, According To Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet in Titanic

James Cameron is a visionary filmmaker who is known for bringing groundbreaking visual and special effects into his various iconic projects. His projects like Titanic and Avatar both became the highest grossing movie of all time in their day, and he's currently hard at work filming the long awaited Avatar sequels. Kate Winslet is once again collaborating with Cameron on these movies, doing extensive underwater and motion capture work in the process. And now the 45 year-old actress has revealed how working with him the second time around is a "calmer" experience.

Kate Winslet has had a long and celebrated career as an actress, but her starring role as Rose in Titanic continues to be one of her most iconic performance to date. Starring in James Cameron's epic drama came with a slew of challenges, especially in the second half of the movie which required a ton of long and difficult work in the water. And while she's breaking underwater filming records with Avatar 2, it turns out that working with Cameron on the sci-fi franchise was a more calming experience. Winslet recently put it,

Well, look, we’re all older. We all got older. I look back on the experience of making Titanic and it’s no secret that it was a very difficult shoot. It was very, very stressful and things were tough for all involved… And the Jim Cameron on Avatar, he is calmer. I will say that he’s just much more stepped into his true self, I think. That’s because of experience. That’s also because he’s done Avatar before, so he knows this world and he knows these characters. He’s invented that way of filming. There’s a level of confidence that has grounded him in a much more comfortable place, just for him.

There you have it. While both Avatar and Titanic are gigantic projects that require groundbreaking work for James Cameron, it seems that he's a bit more comfortable when returning to Pandora and the Na'vi. Kate Winslet has noted this change from her perspective as an actor, while also acknowledging how innovative Cameron's work on Avatar truly is.

The original Avatar movie is currently available on Disney+. You can use this link to sign up fo the streaming service.

Kate Winslet's comments to Collider helps to peel back the curtain on the mysterious Avatar sequels, which James Cameron is currently filming simultaneously down under. The movies' contents are currently a complete mystery, but exciting photos from the set have been released and quickly went viral. This includes one particular image of Winslet filming at the bottom of a pool.

Kate Winslet is diving into Pandora with both feet for the Avatar sequels... literally. Winslet will be playing the new character Ronal, who is a Na'vi from the Metkayina tribe. As a result, she's filming her role in the franchise via motion capture, while also doing a ton of work in the water since said tribe are free divers that live on a reef. So once again she's working with James Cameron on a movie that requires hours spent in the water. It's kind of their thing.

It's been decades since Kate Winslet worked with James Cameron on Titanic, and the movie became a worldwide sensation. Both the director and actor went on to do a variety of projects, with time and experience affecting the way they work. It seems that Winslet is enjoying her time on Pandora, and it should be interesting to see how this partnership plays out on the big screen when Avatar 2 finally is released to the general public.

Avatar 2 is currently expected to arrive in theaters on December 16th, 2022. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the new year.

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