A Godzilla, King Kong And Pacific Rim Team-Up Movie Has Been Suggested And We Need This To Happen Now

We live in an age of Titans, and that era of blockbuster is being hyped up yet again through the marketing machines for director Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs. Kong. The trailer is still fresh in the minds of the world, and with an insane handful of images to stoke the fires for the March 26th release, some other ideas are starting to come back to the forefront when it comes to the future of the still developing MonsterVerse. Which means it’s time for someone to once again suggest a mega/mecha crossover between Godzilla, King Kong, and Pacific Rim. Because how awesome would that be?

The excitement surrounding these Legendary-produced properties crossing over could come from anywhere, as this idea has been thrown about time and again since the early days of the MonsterVerse. But this time out, Pacific Rim architect and magic maker himself Guillermo del Toro has thrown the latest pitch in the game to end all games. Reacting to some fans calling for this monstrous mashup, del Toro took to Twitter and made the following comment:

While the famed genre filmmaker isn’t in the cards for a franchise return just yet, Guillermo del Toro’s fanboy heart couldn’t help itself when suggesting how Godzilla vs. Kong’s big return to colorful Titan bashing-action might act as a door to a greater battle in the future. Obviously inspired by those monster films of the past, Pacific Rim owes a creative debt to movies like Godzilla and King Kong. So with all of those properties in play and Legendary holding the keys to each of them, a team-up movie doesn’t seem all that far off.

Perhaps the only complication to getting the Pacific Rim end of things into the works is the fact that the latest film in that series, Pacific Rim: Uprising, underperformed at the box office for Universal. So unless Godzilla vs. Kong does so well that Legendary wants to get as many monster movies off the tarmac as they can, it feels like the days of seeing Gypsy Avenger in action might be done. Which is exactly why the release of this latest MonsterVerse movie is so important to an idea that, should it come to pass, could bring a lot of attention back to the major monster action that Warner Bros is hoping to cash in on.

Ideally Godzilla vs. Kong is supposed to act like The Avengers, in the sense that this gigantic team-up movie would be the best launching pad for further MonsterVerse installments. Building a cinematic universe akin to that of Marvel Studios requires as deep of a bench as possible, and melding the worlds of Pacific Rim and Godzilla vs. Kong would be one of the best ways to ensure that there’s no shortage of stories to be told involving creatures so large they could only be done justice in large format.

Between corporate wrangling and box office performance metrics, there could be a chance that this gigantic team-up between the worlds of Jagers and Titans may never happen. After Godzilla: King of the Monsters put the MonsterVerse on its own patch of thin ice, there’s a possibility that depending on how Godzilla vs. Kong fares, we might see these giants go back into cinematic hibernation. Based on what we’ve seen in the trailer for what could be the last, best hope for the existence of the MonsterVerse, that would be the greatest shame. After all, Adam Wingard’s offering to the movie gods looks like it’s hit such a confident stride that not following up with a Pacific Rim crossover would be a crime.

Of course, that’s an opinion held by the author of this very column you’re reading. Which means it’s a great time to put the question to you, the audience, as to whether or not you’d like to see Pacific Rim, Godzilla, and King Kong all cross paths for a knock down, drag out battle royale. So vote in the poll included below, and don’t forget to back your vote with some constructive comments at the bottom of the page. Godzilla vs. Kong will revive the world of Titans and their toy box battles on March 26th, in theaters and on HBO Max, for a limited time.

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