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Chris Rock’s Spiral: New Clip Has Us Worried About Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L Jackson in Spiral

Fans of the Saw horror franchise are getting a new entry that also promises to be something a little different when Spiral: From the Book of Saw comes out in a couple of weeks. With the movie starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson, it's one of the more star-studded entries in the franchise. However, there are some serious questions as to exactly how long the stars of Spiral will last, as a new clip from the film shows us that Samuel L. Jackson's character is in some serious danger.

A clip from Spiral dropped online which shows Samuel L. Jackson's wandering through what looks to be the lair of whoever has set the plot in motion this time around. We see the pig mask that has shown up in the franchise before in the background, but then Jackson's character gets jumped by somebody. Check it out.

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The official trailer for Spiral: From the Book of Saw has shown that Samuel L. Jackson's character will find himself in a trademark Saw trap, something that appears to involve a lot of spikes, so this clip seems to show how he ends up there in the first place. Jackson plays the father of Chris Rock's character in Spiral, and it seems that whatever the motive of the killer this time around, it's directly related to these two, who have apparently been estranged for some time.

It's easy to think that Samuel L. Jackson will find some way out of his predicament because, well, he's Samuel L. Jackson. But just because he's a star doesn't mean he'll survive. Jackson actually dies a lot in movies, perhaps not quite at Sean Bean frequency, but it still happens. After all, he's been eaten by sharks and smashed by King Kong. Honestly, getting killed by the Jigsaw killer, or whatever they end up calling this one, would be a solid entry in the filmography of Samuel L. Jackson deaths.

As with many horror franchises, Saw started out strong, with most believing the first movie is quite good, but most also seem to feel that it declined steadily into torture porn from there. It's been four years since Jigsaw, the last movie in the Saw franchise, arrived in theaters. But Chris Rock himself had a specific desire and an idea to make a new Saw movie and so the actor not only stars in the movie but is a producer as well. Whether or not Spiral will really breathe life into the franchise remains to be seen, but there will certainly be a lot of fans hoping so.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw opens in theaters in two weeks. And if you want to see it, you'll need to make the trip, as Spiral isn't doing a simultaneous launch on any streaming service as so many films have done.

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