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We've seen a teaser, a green band trailer and a red band trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine and nothing has suggested that it will be anything other than a hilarious ride back to 1986. The fourth trailer is now here with some brand new material and it looks more and more likely that this will be one of the better comedies this year.

More and more it looks like Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson are going to steal this movie. With lines like, "I'm from the future," and "he's your son," it seems all but inevitable. Really, though, it might all change when we finally get our first look at the daredevil badass/one-armed bellhop played by Crispin Glover. But hey, all in good time.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over at Apple.

Also, can someone please tell me who the hell is in the bear suit?

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