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The entire gimmick of the Ryan Reynolds thriller Buried, which was the first true hit of this year's Sundance Film Festival, is that it takes place entirely inside a coffin, where Reynolds' character, an American contractor working in Iraq, has been buried alive. The claustrophobia sets in immediately for both the character and the audience, and though a cell phone gives Reynolds a link to the outside world and provides the movie with an actual plot, it's everything inside the coffin, and the remarkable camera work from director Rodrigo Cortes, that makes the movie what it is.

So why is Bloody Disgusting reporting that the film is undergoing reshoots that focus on what happens in the outside world? I'm hoping against hope that this doesn't mean they're shooting scenes set in the outside world, given that it not only breaks up the movie's claustrophobic tension, but removes the entire gimmick. Maybe Reynolds will have phone conversations with a few more people to clear up exactly how he wound up in that box? I'll admit, a few months after seeing the film I can't really remember the details of the whole scheme.

But Reynolds is currently down in New Orleans filming The Green Lantern, which makes it even more likely that these reshoots will star new people entirely. Hopefully Lionsgate or Cortes himself can step in and shed some light on this, and promise that this exceptional film--scheduled to hit theaters on September 24-- won't be compromised once it finally sees release.

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