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It's been over a year since Sony Pictures first announced they were planning another adventure for Agents Kay and Jay in a third Men in Black film, but it's taken this long for a release date to take shape. Sony announced today that Men In Black III will be coming, in 3D, on May 25, 2012, with Barry Sonnenfeld back on board as a director.

Will Smith is the only confirmed cast member right now, but the studio is in "advanced negotiations" for Tommy Lee Jones to return, and Josh Brolin is in talks to star as a younger version of Jones's character. previous reports suggested that Brolin might replace Jones's character, but if he's playing a younger version I guess we should count on an extended flashback scene, or maybe some weird alien technology that makes Agent Kay younger and lets Jones off the hook for the bulk of the film.

The screenplay is being written by Etan Cohen, who has given us good with Tropic Thunder and bad with Madagascar 2. No matter how talented Cohen is, though, it's hard to imagine the movie feeling less tired and paint-by-numbers than the sequel, which came out five years after the first film and already felt completely beside the point. A new adventure for Agents Jay and Kay, 10 years after a sequel that nobody wanted? If Tommy Lee Jones isn't excited about it, I don't see how I'm supposed to be.

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