Mark Wahlberg Nearly Cast In Men In Black And More With Director Barry Sonnenfeld

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Hollywood is filled with storytellers. And the longer that one stays in the Hollywood system, the more (crazy) stories they tend to amass. Such is the case with Barry Sonnenfeld, who was a colorful character long before he started making movies with Joel and Ethan Coen, or taking audiences into extraterrestrial territories with the Men In Black franchise.

Barry Sonnenfeld recently put a lot of his stories into a book titled “Barry Sonnenfeld. Call Your Mother.” The story behind that title, alone, is worth picking up the book.

But on this bonus episode of ReelBlend, we spotlight why Sonnenfeld is one of the most interesting and creative storytellers, and it’s largely due to the way he approaches a yarn. He’s a born spinner, and his stories are unpredictable and hilarious. He talks to the ReelBlend boys about his start in the adult film industry, his early collaborations with the Coen Brothers on movies like Blood Simple and Raising Arizona, and the way he handles the Hollywood studio system. Including fighting for the casting of Josh Brolin over Mark Wahlberg in the Men in Black series.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

Barry Sonnenfeld was nice enough to give us a lot of his time, and his anecdotes are too valuable to cut. So instead of fitting him into a regular-sized episode, we broke him out to his own bonus episode. We know you guys love movies, and we’re confident you will love this candid conversation with longtime film director Barry Sonnenfeld.

Want a copy of Barry Sonnenfeld’s excellent book? It’s available on Amazon as we speak.

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