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Men in Black 3, or as it'll most likely be titled M3n in Black 3D, has been a project a few people have been on the fence about, but that most would like to just see go away. The original film is a classic, but director Barry Sonnenfeld missed the mark with his sequel and few have the confidence that he'll be able to produce a good follow up to the 2002 flop.

That's not stopping him from moving forward though. With Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back on board the project easily landed the money it needed to start shooting and according to the Production Weekly Twitter feed, they'll be shooting in NYC from September through December. Story details are slim as all we know so far is that Jemaine Clement will play an evil alien named Boris who travels back in time to 1969 to execute some sort of shady plan. The post specifically says that they'll wrap photography on New Years Eve, will they be including Dick Clark festivities in the final cut?

The Etan Cohen script is currently being rewritten by Spider-Man scribe David Koepp, who has been hit or miss over the years, but has squirted out some winners here and there.

With shooting wrapped up by the end of 2010, expect to start seeing teasers and posters start dropping by Independence Day with the film actually finding theaters in May 2012. How about it, gang? Where do you stand on the threequel? Yay or nay? Excited or pissed? Sound off in the comments below.

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